About us

Suratho scheepvaart enterprises, is a navigation company,which has been active since several years.

I have bought my first ship, a 'spits' in 1978. I have worked on this ship for 9 years.

Then it was time for a change and I have purchased another ship on which I have navigated throughout the French canals and German rivers. When I got the change to work in the towing-service, I reached for that opportunity with both hands.

10 years in the towing-business later and with much more experience, I have decided to specialize myself in another side of this business.

The relations and friends,which I had established(within different countries as The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany) along with the experience from all these years put together, have made me decide to use my knowledge differently.

It started of with friends or relations, asking me to help to purchase a boat or ship. By helping them, I really got interested in the world of conciliation.

And now, I am fortunate to have a daily yob,which is my hobby!!

Suratho Scheepvaartonderneming
Postbus 33177
3005 ED Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Johan Verdoorn
e-mail: johan@nemo-site.eu
Suratho Scheepvaartonderneming - KVK. 21012247 - Postbus 33177 - 3005 ED - Rotterdam - The Netherlands / Johan Verdoorn johan@nemo-site.eu / +31 (0)653349599